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Planning, Design, & GIS Mapping

Our consulting services range from developing funding strategies to preparing written plans to organizing volunteer stewardship programs to setting up ecological monitoring programs.  Field surveying and GIS cartographic products supplement these projects or are provided as stand alone products.

Our ability to be involved in both the planning and execution of restoration and landscaping projects is our number one learning tool.  This experience working on the land over long time frames feeds back to our designers and planners to generate workable and sustainable restoration and landscaping projects.

Restoration Plans

Our restoration plans are based on achievable goals.  Our planning is comprehensive to include the goals of restoration with explicit recipes and timelines directing how they can be accomplished.  Our years of experience implementing projects makes our plans accurate in cost estimation.

Stewardship-Site Maintenance-Monitoring Plans

Typical restoration projects have provisions for several to many years of stewardship to follow the initial phases of restoration.  Many projects successes hinge on the ability to provide adequate maintenance during the establishment phases of the project.  Our commitment to sticking with projects for the long haul allows us to help predict and plan successful monitoring and maintenance programs for projects.

Restoration Method Experiments

As natural areas restoration is a new and ever evolving science/craft—we work first hand as primary researchers to develop new methods and techniques for invasive plant control and restoration.

Resource Surveys-Vegetation Mapping

Often before any work can be done to improve land, you must determine the existing conditions.  Our knowledgeable field staff goes anywhere necessary - from the highest peaks to the lowest scrub - to map and identify vegetation and other resources the data from which can be developed into high quality graphic images and maps of the land.

Sustainable Landscape Plans

Our knowledge and understanding of natural processes, permaculture and green building principles informs our landscape design and installation work.

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