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Native Plant Landscaping

Landscape Planning and Design

Local ecology and the beautiful palette of native plants that support it offer a unique template from which to begin the design process. From wildflower meadows to songbird hedgerows or even a pile of debris to hide lizards, a carefully crafted garden can capture the spirit of the natural world and reveal its beautiful processes. A client’s desires can be implemented while still honoring the natural world.

This commitment to sustainability goes beyond naturescaping with native plants. Our designs consider the wise use of existing natural capital resources such as soil, sun and vegetation. We plan for the long term gain and try to minimize short term waste. Materials are carefully chosen, most are locally produced and often salvaged or recycled. We firmly believe beautiful, one-of-a-kind gardens can be created that exemplify sustainable design.

Landscape Installation

Building an ecologically-minded garden is a wonderful thing. No other context of our work has the same degree of flexibility and creativity. Our landscape installation projects are completed by many of the same managers and staff that work our habitat restoration and fuel management projects. We combine our practical experience in these fields of service to bring a truly ecological approach to the residential client’s landscape.

These projects often begin with a creative method to replace a lawn with something more appropriate. We enjoy composting old lawns and overgrown stands of English ivy into rich organic soils that in turn support an interesting array of Mediterranean and native plants that thrive year-round, supporting native wildlife. Special features such as dry cobblestone streambeds, frog ponds or a patch of cooking herbs are added as needed. A low impact drip irrigation system is planned and routed through the garden to serve each group of plants as necessary. Plants are finally chosen and installed to suit the desired aesthetic.

Landscape Maintenenance

Landscapes are living, growing systems. Proper maintenance helps ensure plants thrive without over consumption and waste. Even native and water-wise gardens require due maintenance to perform at their best. Our maintenance services provide good service and quality results. Overgrowth, weeds, pests, winter rains, summer drought - all impact the garden. Typical residential services include hillside mowing of tall dry grass for fire safety, irrigation inspection and repair to prevent water waste, weed control and fine pruning of shrubs and trees to maintain a natural form. Whenever possible we compost debris on-site as a means of reducing waste.

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