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Private Hillside Trail Construction

CLIENT: Private Residence

Many homes in the Bay Area are set on steep hillsides. Often these hillsides prohibit access and restrict the useable landscaped area. This lack of access fosters forgotten and unmanaged landscapes which often wither and decay into erosion gullies and invasive plant thickets. So was the case with this Oakland Hills resident.

Creating a trail system not only provides an access route to the property's hillside, it also helps to prevent erosion and water runoff.

Shelterbelt was hired to provide an access route to the entire hillside property of an Oakland Hills homeowner. We designed a meandering trail system that offered dependable access to the entire site and provided the ability to cultivate a more formal garden closer to the house. The trail system was carefully built to redirect water runoff and prevent erosion. Patches of invasive French broom (Genista monspessulana) were removed during the process as they were previously inaccessible. With this trail system the client is finally able to walk on her property.

After the trail was complete, drought tolerate natives and a few Mediterranean perennials completed the project. Selections of Penstemon, Salvia, Ceanothus and Mimulus provide vibrant spring and summer color. Species were chosen that would require little summer water, attract native pollinators and be easy to maintain. All species help to complement the coast live oaks already established in the garden.

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