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Lawn Replacement with Native Plant Garden

CLIENT: Private Residence

Tired of mowing and daily watering of his residential lawn this client wanted a low maintenance landscape that would offer beauty and long-term savings. Here we utilized sheet mulching to eliminate the turf grass without having to dig and scrape to remove the lawn. Digging was only necessary for the construction of a winding path through the garden and for the installation of plant material.

Before After

To reduce water use in the landscape, we converted the existing pop-up sprinkler heads to a low-volume drip irrigation by simply removing the sprinkler heads and fitting drip tubing to the existing plumbing. A variety of California native plants were chosen for this garden to increase drought tolerance and decrease maintenance. A ground cover of wood strawberries suppresses weeds and offers valuable wildlife forage. Sonoma sage, hummingbird sage and wild currant were chosen for their aromatic foliage. While Ceanothus, bushpoppy, monkey flower and Douglas iris offer color blooms throughout the seasons


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